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Re: [OT] GUS emulation

I've tried 2nd reality and unreal. Both sound great, near perfect. I think that Doom doesn't work because the ULTRASND environment variable isn't set. Format should be "ULTRASND=Port,DMA1,DMA2,IRQ1,IRQ2" (more here: http://www.deinmeister.de/gusemu/manual.htm#faq ) but I don't know which values to …

Re: Final version

Even m1emu.mp3 provided on canadacow's page has volume problems (bass sound is much louder in m1.mp3 played on real MT-32). btw, I was unable to find ROM. It's required to get any sound from emulator, right? (even managed to get it compiled with current dosbox CVS, but exits when mt32emu is run) I'd …


It's simple. If timer interrupt is set to run every x seconds, you could adjust it to run every k*x seconds where k < 1 or k > 1. So, (interrupt based) game runs slower or faster. But to fully implement this, you should also do same modification to all emulated parts of dosbox that have internal …

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