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Re: Double Buffering (GP2X)

I guess I should add that most of the changes we have made should be compatible with non-GP2X builds. Adding ttf is not too difficult, no harder than adding SDL. Add the header and you should be able to call of the needed functions. I even think the windows dll version is available precompiled. …

Re: Double Buffering (GP2X)

if (retFlags && (sdl.surface->flags & SDL_DOUBLEBUF)) { sdl.blit.surface=SDL_CreateRGBSurface(SDL_HWSURFACE, sdl.draw.width, sdl.draw.height, sdl.surface->format->BitsPerPixel, sdl.surface->format->Rmask, sdl.surface->format->Gmask, sdl.surface->format->Bmask, 0); /* If this one fails be ready for …

Re: Double Buffering (GP2X)

Well the results are good so far. I forced sdl.blit.surface to be created and the flickering has gotten better, I didnt notice a speed decrease, but I attribute this to our fast harware blitter. I am still going to look into dynamically switching between the two methods.

Re: Double Buffering (GP2X)

No its been going through the Locking section, thats where some of the surfaces were being blitted. Another idea is to keep the normal render structure if the OSD is off and then only use my buffer idea when the OSD is on. The way if any slowdown is introduced it's when the OSD is active. None of …

Re: Double Buffering (GP2X)

Yeah I have seen that you modify the pixel data directly and that only the pixels that change are updated. I thought the flickering was a result of this. As soon dosbox updates the pixels it draws onto the screen, then I blit my surface to the screen, and then the pixels get updated again and so on. …

Double Buffering (GP2X)

Hi, im been working on the GP2X port of dosbox. I am using the SDL ttf lib to create surfaces with info, for debug and ui. Blitting these surfaces to the screen works fine, although we have problems with flickering and unless the location where the ttf surface changes, the pixels will remain showing …

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