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Re: RB3D continued

I just bought a PS-PC controller converter with Dual Shock support (since most stuff I use a controller for are console emulation). Then I realised it didn't work with a PS2 controller, and had to run out and get a PS1 Dual Shock controller. C'est la vie. It's not perfect, but it works pretty well. …

Lots of choices!

CH Products is a company that has 2 joysticks & rudder peddals. For single joystick, Saitech.......I think you need rudder peddals for this one. ......or M$ Sidewinder "twisty" stick (rudder is on the Sidewinder itself........No need for peddals.) 😁

Re: Hummm

I would not say bright, as you fixed most of the bugs... :) I say that together and with support we (everyone that wants) can work on something nice. I not only thanks everyone (RB3D and TR guys) but I invite everyone that wants to help doing a great wrapper. Good luck for us all.... :D Fabio …

Re: RB3D continued

I've just uploaded another version of OpenGLide. SunGlare (and getting shot) should be okay now without too much of a hit on frame rate. Hey this should be my last bit of lone OpenGliding. I don't know if everybody has twigged, but Stiletto has located OpenGLide's daddy. Suddenly, OpenGLide has a …

Re: the world wonders

Hentzau wrote: Nobody picked up on Alexi's first screenies, i've been wondering myself? I bet the AI love flying in those mountains. 😁 I did!! 😁 But, I assumed it was Alsase Region........(??)

Re: RB3D works 99%

This thread is getting very large, and is in danger of collapsing under its own weight; so we are going to close it soon. I'm going to start up a new thread called "RB3D continued". If you want to get emails when messages are posted to that thread, then you need to go to it as you would to read the …

Re: RB3D works 99%

Originally posted by DeltaK It does!! And the planes look gorgeous right now. :) But, I completely lost ingame sound!! :( Shell […] Show full quote Originally posted by DeltaK It does!! And the planes look gorgeous right now. 😀 But, I completely lost ingame sound!! 🙁 Shellsound is still ok. …

Re: RB3D works 99%

Glidos wrote: Anyway, with any luck, v006b12 that I uploaded earlier today will fix lots of the transparency problems. All pallets have the transparancy color at 0,0,0 on the pallet.

Re: any advice for a novice?

Thor wrote: S! All, Using Western Front Patch and only other mod is some of the Weasel sounds in simpatch of WFP. Will try some other SWWiSA patches like Italian front just as experiment. 😁 http://benchmarksims.com/ROTJ/index.htm 😁:D:D

Re: RB3D works 99%

I've fixed a few more problems. Check out the Glidos web site. Your timing couldn't have been more perfect........I'm soon to release ROTJ II, which has extra, never before seen, aircraft slots. The possibilities are 256 *EXTRA* aircraft! :D I already have 3 slots "rock solid" stable, and working …

There can be only ONE!! :D

DeltaK wrote: ......................I wait what Paul may find out. He is the expert. 😉 I'm thinking there are only 2 (TWO!) probs left.......Sunglare & bleeding hurting FPS, and black squares around the wings & tail surfaces!! 😁:D:D

Re: RB3D works 99%

Hmmmmmm.........Usually our UOP's contain everything in one package. Bugg Fixes, historical corrections, improved aircraft, corrected FM/DM, etc. I can't say for sure we have a patch that *JUST* fixes buggs..........But, maybe one of the old Beery patches might be sufficient for that. As for using …

Re: RB3D works 99%

I just ordered a copy of RB, so I'll be working with the same version as you all are. When it arrives, are there any patches I should apply? I mean patches to correct bugs; I have new3dvols.exe and new-RB3D--no03bmps-standard.exe Yes! "Revenge of the Jastas" (ROTJ for short) is an easy to install …

Re: RB3D works 99%

Originally posted by Sir Alesi Maybe depend on Game?? Try this one..........(Hope I can attach files!!) Rename this to "OpenGlid.ini" and put it in your Red Baron 2/3D folder.

Re: RB3D works 99%

Very Nice Work.. i play that game now 5 Years. but never seen in Such nice Grafix. :cool: Chat is working too now ( visiable ) Great! ..only error left is that un-Transparence for Gunsight in Padlock mode ( F2 ) Still not working :( ( amazing point, only occurs with 60% of Planes.. Albatros DII for …

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