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Eric the Unready digitized sound.

Hello :) I've been trying for quite a while now to get Eric the Unready's digitized sound working under DosBox to no avail. The sound card is detected, yet when digitized sound is meant to play, all I get is a sound drop and some crackles. Just like this video: https://youtu.be/c2Dt7PtV1E0?t=3m29s …

Re: Optimize dosbox for PSP

mills26 wrote: i'm not expecting most of the work to be done by other people. I just want to compile it, create an eboot and do all the work = to test how changes in the code improve or not the speed. So...in effect you are expecting most of the hard work to be done by other people.

Re: DOSBox vs ScummVM Midi

In short: with that specific game you can't: ScummVM can translate PC Speaker music (I believe it uses the Tandy version) to MIDI...DosBox doesn't do that. There was a patch somewhere (I think) that allows you to do that to old Sierra games, maybe check the sierra help pages for it. Without a patch …

Re: AWE32 emulation (revival)

As far as I recall the AWE cards used wavetable synths...hence...use general midi (though the Windows built in one will most likely disappoint). OPL3 is not a soundfont but an FM synthesis chip. Unfortunately that's typically not the case... "The AWE32 didn't use its MPU-401 port to access the …

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