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Re: I Have A Burning Question

Well, it's rather like having a real steam engine as opposed to a computer simulation of one. I would like to state at this point that i dont have any retro systems any more, i was forced to give them up when moving to a smaller place. But i would love to see my first system again, i still remember …

Acorn Risc PC 700

http://nathanielbaker.co.uk/ext/dbx/2.jpg http://nathanielbaker.co.uk/ext/dbx/3.jpg http://nathanielbaker.co.uk/ext/dbx/4.jpg http://nathanielbaker.co.uk/ext/dbx/5.jpg Just thought i'd post some images of one of the more interesting pieces of hardware i have... For background on the Acorn: http:// …

Re: Windows 7 - which version ?

PMode is a joke imho.... It''s just Virtual PC with a different name. Couldn't they have integrated it into the OS instead yoy have to fire up a whole virtual machine (virtualpc) to run a small app....ridiculous Absolutely, that's exactly what it is. But it's the only way to guarantee compatibility …

Re: Back with my Deskpro 4000.... Help please?

If you have spares, it's best to try replacing each component, one at a time. If I were you, I'd start with memory... As far as shorts are concerned, just check nothing could be bridging between the motherboard and the case (a dropped screw for instance). It's a purely visual check.

Re: Windows 7 - which version ?

x64 and x86 are still separate DVDs. The only potential reasons I can see to run x86 are 1) don't have >= 4GB RAM 2) want NTVDM for 16-bit apps 3) use some device that only has Vista x86 drivers. Personally, i would go for the 64 bit ed unless i was running a 32-bit CPU. Long as you have a …

Re: Win 3.11

Ok bugger! 🤣 - never mind, it was just a silly idea. As for using a different network card, i dont have one, so never mind. Thanks for your help guys!

Re: Win 3.11

Ok, progress so far. *Installed the modded DOSbox version. *Installed Winpcap *Configured Winpcap to confer with my TP-Link Wireless adaptor Now im getting this:

Re: My new PC build thread

Wow, a fellow bodger. I do all kinds of stuff like this, this is why I've never installed water cooling. When i built my sister's system (drunk), I used carpet tape, and toilet paper to stop the board shorting, as some of the mounts on the case had broken. For years i had a system running with a …

Win 3.11

This is a slightly strange request, i know. But i managed to get Windows 3.11 running in Dosbox. Now I know Dosbox is capable of emmulating a serial modem... I was wondering if anyone knew which type, as i can find nothing in the documentation. Basically i want to install the correct drivers, so i …

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