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Re: Dune "HERAD" Ad Lib Music Hacking

in DOS
I initially read "HERAD" as "Herald", and immediately I wondered whether this was about someone possibly having composed an Adlib/OPL2 version of the music piece "Herald of the Change" by Hans Zimmer (part of the soundtrack of the recent Dune movie), and perhaps even having managed to patch it into …

Re: Has Anyone Ever Seen/Heard of a DigiSpeech Plus?

I accidentally found a game that natively supports DS201 device. It's Lode Runner: The Legend Returns. DS201 is the boring one, that has no SB emulation. Still turns out that there are games that support it. I don't have one to test, unfortunately. That's because this game apparently uses DIGPAK …

Re: CVX-2 : covox adapter

I'm thinking of making a CVX5, any suggestions for changes/improvements compared to CVX4 ? CVX5 would be available in larger amount, it will take a few months though - Full DSS support (FIFO + 7KHz sampling) - Stereo COVOX support - Funky LEDs because why not? Hi oh this is going way beyond simple …

Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
The Real GREEN Energy American Family Car. The Fred Flint Stone Car in Wyoming USA. Of course. Fred Flintstone would be absolutely appalled by the idea of burning dead dinosaurs to get around. How could he look his beloved pet Dino in the eyes if he came home from the quarry in a gas-guzzler every …

Re: MiniGL Specification

in Windows
MiniGL's more of 3dfx's stopgap idea really. GLQuake was made on proper OpenGL hardware (Intergraphs) on NT at the time. Carmack had big Trinity (id Tech 3's early codename) plans set later that year with intent for requiring full GL spec compliance (Q3TEST flushing MiniGL for good 2 years later) …

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