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Re: Radeon 9200 PCI and old computers

The P2 motherboard is a Legend V QDI Lx (i don't know if it 's 2.2, but it's 2.1 or more? ) I find PCI specs on Wiki Spec Year Change Summary[5] PCI 1.0 1992 Original issue PCI 2.0 1993 Incorporated connector and add-in card specification PCI 2.1 1995 Incorporated clarifications and added 66 MHz …

Re: Radeon 9200 PCI and old computers

I have a 3d prophet 9000 64mb PCI -On 486 computer: no boot, no post, nothink, only buzzer beeps -On 586/pentium pro computer: Vx board= Boot but nothing on screen Hx board= Boot with only a litle text on screen and nothing, no post -On Pentium II computer: Run ok! -On k6II/3d: I don't have computer …

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