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Re: Quake1 with WATTCP built with DJGPP on DOSBox

Heh I'm glad you saw it! I was wondering about spreading the word on this thing, it's very cool! I've even loaded it up on Qemu, and Virtual PC and connected them up to a quake1 server on the internet overnight... And this morning they were still both connected! The only caveat seems to be this …

Re: Memory usage while compiling with Borland Pascal

basically just keep running any compiler over & over..... like this exciting program... void main(){} bcc x.c re-run this a few times, and you'll see memory starting to increase.... the more complicated build steps (ie more headers, and anything pharlap involved since it's got so many step) you'll …

Re: Memory usage while compiling with Borland Pascal

I kind of 'found' the answer to this, I was having big problems with this too (a good day of running a program that keeps shelling out and I was ~1.5GB of ram in use!!!) Anyways it's the directory cache!!!! http://www.www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=21406&sid=32816ccbefa98352b48f412c59f6bf4b There is …

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