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Re: Hurrah! - Found an AT case!

Yep. Needs a little bit more paint on the edges where it hasn't covered quite as well - the power button was taken out because I plan to fit the ATX psu instead - what I'll do there is remove the latch mechanism from inside the AT power switch and turn it into a momentary type needed by ATX. On the …

Hurrah! - Found an AT case!

After a long search I finally found someone selling an AT case just over a week ago. Downside was that it looked in fairly crappy condition - the case was yellowed and the inside was filthy. PSU was questionable too. Upside was that it was quite obviously standard AT layout, had front mounted hdd …

Re: My First Dualatin

I own a Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P ( like this one , AMD760MPX based) and wanted also to build a dual Athlon machine (at some point I wanted to build several SMP machines), but I haven't had a clue what I would run on it (and I didn't want another WinXP machine). In the end it will be probably my AGP Pro …

Re: The Mystery -5V Rail

I'm looking at my MPU-IPC-T in front of me now and it has the pad for B5 (actually my version has every pad in place and uses a 25-way D-connector for the breakout), but it's not actually connected to any traces.

Re: scsi cards

I suspect that there's probably not much between 1, 2 and 3 - a 486 just doesn't have the memory bandwidth needed to shift those kinds of numbers around. SATA-150 is likely to be no slower in terms of real-life data transfer rates, but you'll not be able to do anything else at the same time if you …

Re: scsi cards

I'm still wondering when SCSI drives started to become slower btw. I'm tempted to try SCSI on an old rig, but I don't want a loud machine standing next to me. They didn't. ATA/SATA drives became faster and have crept in the workstation/server market at the low end, but comparing apples to apples …

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