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Re: Text modes aspect corretion?

Mau1wurf1977 - you don't understand the problem. DosBox output in the text modes is always in 8:5 aspect. If your full-screen resolution is 4:3 (1024x768 as example) - you simply have black areas on top and bottom. Real hardware just use non-square pixels for this (as for 640x400 and 320x200 modes). …

Re: ultima 8

static- wrote: oh right! seems to sound better with adlib than with GM. GM music in U8 is better. Also, there are patches for GUS and AWE32 wawetable synthesis.

Re: Cdrom drive letter management in real dos mode.

in DOS
1) Try another driver, gcdrom.sys as example (plus this driver support SATA devices in DOS). If I remember correctly, this driver has /C switch. So, in config .sys you have something like device=gcdrom.sys /d:mscd000 /c1 device=gcdrom.sys /d:macd001 /c2 c1, c2 - IDE channels with cd-drives... Then - …

Re: AGP Graphics Card Testing

Trouble is - Win98 and WinMe have broken memory manager - any amount RAM after 512 Mb can create hang/BSOD/crash (officially Me have 3 Gb RAM limit). Plus, with 512+ Mb RAM you do not have free handlers for programs w/o some tweaking - "no free virtual memory" message. So, msconfig with 512 Mb limit …

Re: image creation and mounting in windows 98

The only slight trouble with DT 3.47 is - if you use mds format, you can't be sure you mount this image w/o troubles. Structures of mds were changed several times, so - AFAIR any mds from 2.x version is not DT3.47-comparatible. Ccd/img/sub or .cue/.bin is the way. :) Or just mount mdf (mount/all …

Re: Not directly game related:Dualboot 98SE and ME

From the personal experience: 1. I don't try Win98se + WinMe on the same partition. 2. No GPU drivers for anything after Rageon X850 or GeForce 6xxx. 3. No Hyper-threading is possible - in my case this is the cause for Catalyst hang. 4. No 512+ Mb RAM support. Run msconfig and check the box for this …

Re: Anachronox savegame problem

By the way, DO NOT install 1.02 patches. Two new bugs - in-game timer resetting (your savegames is with 0:00 timestamps, very annoying) and all level items reappearing bug . The last bug prevent you from second Moonburger for PAL-18, so - no Shadow Bracers and last weapon for PAL. I finish the game …

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