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Re: Getting current or recent games working in the future

in Windows
"No emulator for the foreseeable future will be able to handle graphics today or yesterday in a playable state so passthru and/or wrappers need to be more common in virtual machines with no flakiness or crazy configuration to enable" I don my hat to the developers of dxvk translating dx9, 10, 11 and …

Re: Bruninho's Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, Mac)

As fun and cool as all these approaches are, particularly kjliew's passthrough solution, it does make me wonder if most of these older games don't already run flawlessly under Wine these days. Even if you're not running Linux as your host system, you could run Wine in a 3D-accelerated Linux guest …

Re: Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries non-Titanium version

in Windows
PCem with windows 98 plays the 3dfx version PCem is too slow for any games that support 3D acceleration. Simple games (for eg. Moto Racer 1) can be barely playable with hefty machines, high single-core turbo clocked and desktop class CPUs. Anything more than that (for eg. NFS3, Quake2 etc.) would …

Re: Star Trek Generations: video won't play

in Windows
The videos also work fine in Wine but as for the information needed this is the mediainfo output of the video files: General Complete name : /mov_01.avi Format : AVI Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave Format settings : rec File size : 87.9 MiB Duration : 3mn 43s Overall bit rate : 3 300 Kbps vedt …

Re: Old Games best way to play?

in Windows
Virtualization has compatibility issues. WINE has compatibility issues. Emulation has performance issues. Using old hardware has performance issues. Using new hardware has compatibility issues. Oh and everything has both compatibility and performance issues, I just wrote down what the largest …

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