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Interesting Idea for a game I got from a nightmare or dream

in Milliways
my cousin hands me this mysterious package he found idk he worked for the cia, and then hours later or days the CIA or FBI come to my house, stomp me to the group handcuffs on my back, gagged me placed a bag over my head, took me to the interrogation room told me where the package was, it was a tape …

Re: Requiem: Avenging Angel

in Windows
Can confirm it seems to be working with wndmode+nGlide. FMVs/menus aren't fullscreen that way though. thats cause you have to run it in 640-480 screen resolution by windows compatibility mode, run the 3dfx.exe, well install nglide first, then run it as admin, disable visual themes, desktop …

Requiem: Avenging Angel

in Windows
Is there much a demand to get this game working or is there a chance it might show in GOG and Steam, IDK AFAIK the rights are either held by Ubisoft or 3DO or Cyclone, anyway its a scary game

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