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Re: What's your best DOS games ?

in Milliways
System Shock (97%) The Elder Scrolls I: Arena (87%) The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (98%) Pirates! Gold (95%) All the series of Quest for Glory (QFG1 80%; QFG2 85%; QFG3 92%; QFG4 95%; QFG1VGA 90%) Police Quest 1 VGA Ultima VII - Black Gate and Serpent Isle (95%) Tie Fighter

Re: Help me for DAGGERFALL!

in DOS
Why when I try to play Daggerfall with Win 98 I receive the message "You must run DAGGER.EXE from the hard drive"? I've install the game in c:\!

Re: Help me for DAGGERFALL!

in DOS
This night I will try with Virtual Pc It'll simulate another PC into my PC. So I can simulate Windows 98 and (I hope) play Daggerfall without the invisible bug.

Re: System Shock for XP

in DOS
I had the same problem, but see this. 😁 Now SS1 runs perfect in my system 😁 Help Me with DAGGERFALL! My Message is in the Dos section.

Help me for DAGGERFALL!

in DOS
I have this problem. When I get a quest from a guild (mages, warriors exc.) and I'll have to kill someone, for example a creature in a shop (quest of warriors), I feel the creature (and I can hit that) but I can't see the monster! And I can't see the body! Also, when I have to poison the wine or …

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