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Re: 1991 Dream Machine (386 DX/33)

Pretty much the essence of the 386 era and a damn nice case... congrats on this great build! (I put my LAPC-I in a K6-III build, thus loosing the LA synth... But it could be compensated by the external route: Music Quest MPU clone to CM-32L) One might also consider an MCB-1 connection to a GM synth …

Re: Monkey Island 1&2: Roland MT-32 + Sound Blaster support

in DOS
By sheer coincidence, I have just gone thru the patching process on a Win 7 machine, transferred the files to a Vectra M2 DX4/100 running DOS 6.22 and the game works fine, CM-32L plays the music and the speech works flawlessly on an SB Pro compatible Acer Magic S23. (I wonder if there is a way to …

Dark Legions "Generic GM" related bug

in DOS
This is a work-around for those who could not setup the game for using a General MIDI device as intended. (I run a few circles around the sound setup until I realized what the problem was. It is not the fault of the sound drivers but the wrong value(s) written in "sound.cfg". I think it could be …

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