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Hardball 2 Locks Up

This is strange, especially since i played this on my old computer with DOSBOX. Everytime I load the game it locks up after the first pitch. I have tried everything with cycles and core. I have turned the sound off. I have tried it all, but it still locks up. What could be doing this?

Re: Fallout 1

Actually, if you run the Windows version with Windows95 compatibility on, there should not be any graphics glitches. That may be simplest for you. If not, it should work in DOSBOX but there is a learning curve. Read the DOSBOX instructions or maybe the new Frontend tool.

Re: Dragonsphere

I can see this game is a pain to a lot of people (to get running). Well, I got a new computer and copied everything exactly as it was on my old system. The problem is that when I run it, I get the error Error "-32" in module "5" data : 0 0 Most recent memory check : 464020 Most recent DOS error : 2 …

Re: Guide - Windows 95 on DOSBox 0.74

DOSFREAK wrote: Install Vmware. Install Windows 95. TADA! I have been unable to get Windows 98 running through VMware because my boot disk is ... a disk! I made and image of it, but it still doesn't seem to boot right. That is why it would be nice to get a version of Windows 95 or 98 running on my …

Re: Getting Windows 3.1 Games to run

in Windows
I don't know about that, but I always copy the entire CD to a subfolder under your DOSBOX - WINDOWS directory and then make sure when you load DOSBOX you identify that folder as the CD Drive ... e.g. "d: c:\DOSBOX\CD -t cdrom" You may also need to add some other tags as well. I run a few Windows 3. …

"Please remove write protection" in DOSBOX?

I am trying to run a very old game called ROBBO. It is a simple DOS game. When I try to run it start okay but when I get PLAY I get the error "ro.dat exist but cannot be opened in write mode. Please remove write protection" I checked and it is NOT protected. It is NOT an archive. I can edit and …

Re: Chronomaster error mesage

Whatever this crash is, it is not a sound issue, because I ran setup and selected no sound at all, just to test it. I still had the same crash issue, so it must be something else. Has anyone got this game running? It says "supported" under compatibility so someone must have gotten it running.

Re: Outlaws (LucasArts) under Vista

in Windows
Actually, I copied the files from an older computer, which already had the patch (windows 7 will not install the patch). I then used the REG file to change the registry settings. I added the batch file, as shown above, to get rid of color problems. Turned down Windows volume and cranked up the …

Re: Outlaws (LucasArts) under Vista

in Windows
Okay got it going. The problem with the sound effects was simple. It turns out that the music is played from Windows CD player but the game sound effects from within the game. The CD music was so loud I turned down the sound, but couldn't hear the game effects. Had to turn up sound in game and down …

Re: Outlaws (LucasArts) under Vista

in Windows
re : Zell Double clicking just opens it to a text editor. Nothing else. What should I be running this with? I have never used a REG file before. Thanks re: Collector Thanks. Will give it a try.

Re: Error message when launching Dragonsphere

Here is my DOSBOX bat file "dosbox.exe c:\ADV\DS.BAT -c "mount c c:\ADV" -c "mount D D:\ -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl" -conf C:\Adv\MPSDISC.007\dosbox.conf -fullscreen" I still get the error message. I have tried just about everything I can think of. CDROM is mounted correctly and the game folder is …

Re: Outlaws (LucasArts) under Vista

in Windows
Re: collector I am running from OLWIN and it does start and everything, but I get no sound effects, only music. I am assuming it doesn't know where to look for the sound effect files. Am I wrong? Why am I getting music by no sound effects?

Error from Filler

As I am installing all my old games on Windows 7 DOSBOX is my best friend, but I recently came upon the strangest error that I have ever seen. When I run the program (CHEWY : ESCAPE FROM F5) I get the error message : ERROR FROM FILER: couldn't open error-file I am then booted out. This occurs …

Re: Outlaws (LucasArts) under Vista

in Windows
Thank you very much, but I am registry illiterate. Can you explain exactly how to add these values to the registry and direct the registry to the correct file path? When you say rename ".reg" to you mean "a.reg"? "Outlaws.reg"? Sorry, but for all my computer knowledge, registries are the one thing I …

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