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Re: Full-Screen

Never been full screening myself, so .... Have you tried to find an old DOS game, that will work in some compatibility mode from your real OS? If you do, will it run full screen without the stripes?

DIR D: does not work in 0.60.

Host: Win XP Home Guest: DOSBox 0.60 Mounts: C (local directory), D (CD-ROM) Hi all, is it per design that 'DIR D:' does not work? C:\>dir d: Directory of d:\. File d: not found. C:\>d: D:\>dir Direcotory of D:\. BI2 06-03-1998 12:32 NET 06-03-1998 12:35 BI2 TXT 3,086 06-03-1994 10:30 README TXT 1, …

Re: Battle Isle2

Hi Antimodes - and everyone else into Battle Isle 2 I run BI2 directly from the CD-ROM. The trick is the specify the CD-ROM drive as D:\BI2 instead of just D: Btw - this is the BI2 version I run (README.TXT): BATTLE ISLE 2 - TITAN Network CD ---------------------------------- Version 1.0 OEM, 01-FEB …

@firestorm225: Error in your guide

Hey Fire, Just read your guide. Seems you have gotten the problem with the \ (backslash) mixed upsidedown: Q) I have a German, Spanish, or other non-English keyboard, and / doesn’t work in DOSBox. A) Simply use the \ instead. Or, go to the Control Panel->Regional & Language Options->Language Tab and …

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