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Re: nGlide

Not 100% on topic but I didn't find any more suitable thread to ask: The compatibility list, lists all the glide games? I'm interested in finding all dos glide games, so I thought of checking the compatibility list and filter all those for dos. Does this list cover what I'm looking for or I have to …

Re: Dos Problems - Crashing

in DOS
Try running something more primitive just to make sure that something IS working in DOS. When you say you can't run anything in DOS, you mean not even dos's editor for example?

Re: AT Keyboard to PS/2

I've never come across a single din keyboard not working with a simple din->ps/2 adaptor. I assume you've already tried connecting a normal ps/2 keyboard to that port, just to make sure nothing else is wrong? If you have, then you have a keyboard with a very unique personality there :) (which might …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Hi Chris, you are aware that there are some older episodes that don't play, right? (“Sorry, we're unable to play this episode” message). I don't know if these videos have been intentionally taken down or if it’s a temporary problem of the video hoster, just though to mention it. For example as I …

Re: MS-DOS 6.22 Memory Optimizations (Conventional free: 643.600 (629K))

in DOS
1) Weird, there seems to be some inconsistency between documentation and comments. Obviously what you did and quoted is the correct one since it's working :) 2) Ah OK, so this is DOSMAX's job.. I didn't know that files-stacks-etc size affects and can be seen in the size of MSDOS. That's really …

Re: MS-DOS 6.22 Memory Optimizations (Conventional free: 643.600 (629K))

in DOS
Thanks for this, great info! I have some points for discussion/clarification, not necessarily for your post but for this thread in general: 1) In hiram's documentation and site, for example http://www.mdgx.com/umb.htm#HIR it is stated in bold that HIMEM.SYS must be loaded BEFORE the UMBPCI.SYS line. …


in DOSBox General
Could you give us the actual code you have (either attached file or just the listing) in order to replicate the problem? At first me too didn't think that the problem was dosbox related, I imagined some error in your program, but stating that it only happens when running the same code from within …

Re: I need help running Jazz Jackrabbit

in DOSBox General
I probably shouldn't even reply to this since it doesn't seem you did anything of what was proposed above. Anyway, you're not going to get any solution to your "problem". A simple 10" google search confirms above posts and reveals that this is not a problem, the game IS designed this way. Knowing …

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