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Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
More to the subject, I wish my Fiero had an overdrive trans. For some reason they were slow to adopt that in the 80s. Where I live now though, I don't drive at highway speeds enough for it to matter much. In California it would have been very helpful. Just got back from getting 2 tires mounted on …

Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
I can't afford the EV lifestyle. I can't afford where the price of electricity will be headed either. I'm not an environmentalist, I just care about money. There's been enough volcanoes and I've been in too many forest fires to buy into the hysteria about my neighbor's tailpipe. Excessive …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
In light of video card prices and lack of spending money, I decided to up-downgrade..futuregrade? my main PC's video card from a GTX285 to a GTX550Ti that was left in an abandoned system. The 550 isn't as powerful as the older card, but it supports DirectX 11 so it's more compatible with things I …

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
The best, most obsessive games are the ones that go out of their way to be highly moddable. DOOM, Quake series, Elder Scrolls, etc. I'm now into Assetto Corsa for the same reason. At first I was lukewarm about the game because of it's focus on modern European "hypercars" that I don't care about. But …

Re: GPU Suggestions?

Are you using DDR400 memory modules? Are you using a Mobile CPU? I'm looking at the manual to get an idea of what the BIOS settings look like. Under Standard CMOS Features -> System Information what does it say for your CPU Information, especially the numbers in parenthesis after the CPU Frequency? …

Re: Asus P5A v1.06 Booting Issues

Sorry if this is too basic, but are you sure your monitor will pick up VGA from anything else? You mentioned only DVI has worked so far. If you have a multimeter then try checking voltages, see if they look good and not fluctuating under load. Ideally you could try to measure voltages on the video …

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