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Re: Windows 3.1 will turn 30 soon

in Milliways
I was curious what the last version of Office is that runs on Windows 3.1. I'm surprised to find even Office 95 won't run on it, that version actually required Windows 95 (or NT 3.51). Windows 3.1 was a whole 3 years old, or only ~6 months old to somebody who just bought it recently. Microsoft said …

Re: omg in heaven duck duck go is worse then google!!!

in Milliways
I've grown to despise Google as a company, and I want to support competition to knock them off their powerful perch. So I use DuckDuckGo by default, but if the results suck, then I'll use Google as a fallback. DDG always gets the first crack though. I vaguely remember StartPage, I should look at it …

Re: Voodoo 5 preventative maintenance

It looks great, should be nice and cool now. As long as it's handy, it's also a good idea to touch up the solder on the pins of the power connector, just in case those joints are getting weak. The only thing that worries me is the plastic push pins. They can break or pop loose sometimes and I had a …

Re: Setting up network shares for Windows 98 on a NAS?

in Milliways
My smb.conf currently contains: [global] # For old windows compatibility ntlm auth = yes lanman auth = YES client lanman auth = YES client plaintext auth = YES This is supposed to be all that's required on the Samba end and it certainly makes Windows NT 4.0 connect fine. The page notes that you …

Re: Is there any Tualatin-compatible Socket 370 board that doesn't cost a million dollars?

Some Dell GX150 motherboards support Tualatin. It's a proprietary form factor though, it needs a matching Dell case unless you just want to lay it on a table or try to come up with a clunky way to rig it in an ATX. The front panel connector is also a Dell ribbon connector - the power switch pins are …

Re: AGP vs PCI video card perfromance discussion

[EDIT] I'm pretty sure the 3D Prophet II MX PCI runs at 183Mhz core. Not that it makes much difference, but the AGP version of that card I had back then ran at 175MHz core, 183MHz 128-bit SDRAM. The driver came with Coolbits enabled but the GPU wasn't overclocked by default. I've never seen the PCI …

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