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bin/cue files not working and i cannot figure out why

Hi! I like to make images of my old games - i do make sure to buy them as i am a big box game collector too. I recently made an Bin/Cue file of Ubisoft's F1 Racing Simulation and i would then mount it with WinCDEMU and that was all good and fine, no issues there with the cd image being recognised. i …

Re: When to use DDRAW or Opengl options

thank you greatly - this is something i didnt know - for most of my old games from before 1995 though would they benefit from the opengl in terms of quality when in fullscreen? say for Falcon Gold, Task Force 1942 or 1942 Pacific Air War, or Longbow Gold - for all this i just run them in overlay i …

Re: When to use DDRAW or Opengl options

lol thanks, though i think sometimes i need to use the one that works slowest for some games I guess i as just wondering if the opengl /ddraw setting mainly will be for 3dfx acceleration and for what games does that work - i recall carmageddon has some kind of 3d fx setting but are there any other …

When to use DDRAW or Opengl options

Hi I am just wanting to know what games in dos needed DDRAW or Opengl - i cant think of any Opengl dos games Is there a list or anything anywhere? sorry i just want to make sure i have the best settings for games I have alot of old flight and land combat sims i used dosbox to run thanks

Re: 1942 Pacific Air War Gold

Great news - i have got it fixed!!!! and have the sound playing beautifully Okay, so i had t install the game through WIN 3.1 - tedious and all but not difficult and make sure then that i had SB16 Drivers applied as well as the "Sound Blaster 2.0 updated Dos Win 3.11 zip collection applied - this is …

1942 Pacific Air War Gold

Hi I recently got a cd copy of 1942 PAW Gold and thought it would be a simple dos install but i have had to install windows 3.1 because the game simply wont install any other way - i kept getting the message in dosbox that the game must be run in windows I have done this and loaded sb drivers and S3 …

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