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Re: ABit BP6

I am going to run Win2k or NT4 on mine but it will see limited use (same with most of my collection). Lately I have been getting into a retro dual processor kick and figured I would add a BP6 to the collection. Sooner or later these boards will be hard to find working or not.

Re: What is it with retro computing?

in Milliways
For me it is reliving some of my past (DOS gaming and my C64), checking out some things I liked but could not afford at the time (vintage analog video capture and editing high end systems), and trying some new things (Amiga, Mac, Apple II, Atari 800, etc). Some hardware I could never afford to play …

Re: Whats with the shipping costs from USA???

in Milliways
The UK postal service doesn't have to turn a profit, nor pay special pension plans like in the US. To be honest Republicans here want to destroy the USPS so they can sell the most profitable parts to friends and ditch the rest. There will be small cities all around the middle US that will not get …

Re: Why wasn't the Amiga popular in North America?

in Milliways
The mac was a big player in video editing (one area I collect) early on after the Mac II line with Nubus came out. Sure it was expensive for a home computer but cheap as hell compared to what was the norm at the time (the original video editing systems were $100K+ and a pain to use). The Amiga was …

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