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Re: Sound Driver Enhancement Hacks - General MIDI

in DOS
Evryoff.mid from the Shadow Warrior goodies MIDI, should have an extra controller added on the 6th track (Shamisen), so that the track doesn't play on the AWE32. Controller 111 = 2 should be added after controller 110 = 127

Re: Winplay3 MP3 bitrate and format?

in Milliways
I believe Audacity uses ffmpeg or LAME. The Xing/Helix MP3 encoder was popular in the 90s in Audio Catalyst, but now Xing/Helix is opensource. Also various FhG, which you can use when you export a wav to mp3 with Windows media player or virtualdub if I remember correctly.

Re: SB32 CT3930 -- what drivers should I use?

For Windows 98 on my SB32, I used the AWE64 Gold drivers, which I obtained either from vogonsdrivers or phil's computer lab, can't remember at the moment. Same for Windows 98. To use soundbanks I recomend to have 8 MB DRAM installed. There are pretty nice soundfonts that require that amount of RAM. …

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