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Re: DOSBox ReelMagic Fork

Good to know thanks! The s-video thing adds to my thought on an OpenGL shader being able to help smooth out the video a bit. While using a shader is an option (especially with SVN trunk, which already supports rendering via shaders - the main reason I suggested looking into it), have you attempted …

Re: 4:3 and refresh rate on a modern 24" LCD

Edit: There also were games using "tweaked" modes. Jack Jazzrabbit used an 320x199 resolution - to run the game at 60Hz. There's nothing really "tweaked" about that mode, it's just 320x240@60Hz with 20+21 inactive lines at the top and bottom. On a physical monitor it appears letterboxed. People get …

Re: 4:3 and refresh rate on a modern 24" LCD

I'm just trying to understand, in Windows we just set the refresh rate to what we want, but how is it set in DOS? It's mostly up to the card's bios. A program calls the vga bios to set a specific mode and the bios takes care of setting all the card-specific registers to achieve it, which includes …

Re: SB PCI128

leileilol wrote on 2022-02-20, 08:58: It can't use soundfonts or the AWE functionality either. No great loss there, can't think of any game that has better support for SB AWE rather than general midi (aka MPU-401 on port 330, which the SB PCI handles using wavetable playback with the .ecw banks).

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