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Re: "ATIQuake" miniGL for Q1 & Q2 on Rage Pro

in Marvin \ Video
I had a Rage Play, and I remember playing Quake 1 OpenGL with this card. But I can't remember if it needed a specific binary, or just the OpenGL glquake with an Ati opengl32.dll ... I also remember I was not impressed with the result, since I also had a Voodoo1 :) Image quality and speed were not as …

Old 3dfx splash screen with voodoo2 ?

in Marvin \ Video
I run Voodoo 2 Sli on one of my computers. Pentium 3 1Ghz, Rage Fury with tv-out, Sound Blaster Isa CT4170 and multiboot dos 6.22 / Win98SE. I use FastVoodoo2 4.6 drivers. Of course, I get the recent Voodoo 2 splash screen. Is there a way to get the old fashionned green Voodoo 1 splash screen ? :) …

Re: A glide wrapper for DOS programs

Hello . It work for me with Win98 and W2k ( multiboot ) for Tomb Raider 1 .No sound in Win98 , I didn t take time to fix this . Works in W2k , even in VDD mode . Problem : When I use VDM for sound , even with 'DeviceName = No Sound Card' the screen size does not fit .. Screen shoots here : http:// …

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