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My over the top modern-retro Tualatin

Since silvercr asked here's a novel about my seriously over budget dual tualatin build. What draws me to the Pentium 3 is that the first computer that was assigned to me alone (shared a 286 and AMD K5 prior) was a slot 1 Mendocino Celeron 300A, so with the P3 basically being a P2 with SSE the …

Re: AMD Athlon Thunderbird build

yea. I often wonder about the feasibility of building a 12v to 5v/3.3v "helper" power supply. I did something similar with my file server. Out of curiosity what did you do for your file server? For some reason I didn't think about it before but this product actually kind of already exists for 5V …

Panasonic optical drive 2-pin digital audio issues

Working on a build using a Panasonic SW-5582 Bluray drive that I have. The drive has the 2 pin digital audio interface which I hooked up to a Sound Blaster Audigy, but despite the drive playing music, the digital input seems to be dead. I have confirmed that the drive works fine using the 4 pin …

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