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Re: 80s oem PC.

You could probably rebuild the PSU if you had to. I don't know what sort of ICs they use in it, but it is possible drop-in replacements are available for those as well. I imagine there is a possibility that others have done the detective work already, but the pool of possibilities of that at vogons …

Re: R.I.P. SoundBlaster AWE32

I have been doing a small bit of guesswork with my responses in your thread - but I believe the eeprom just holds configuration information. If flashing the AWE64 information doesn't stick - it could be either a pathway/logic/programming issue independent of the chip - or the chip is just shot. If …

Re: R.I.P. SoundBlaster AWE32

It is an eeprom. There are several possibilities outside of that exact chip being the sole problem. However should that chip fail to correctly store/retrieve what was given to it while having all of the proper connections, voltages, etc, from other components, it should be something that can be …

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