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Anyone use an old linux OS on an old PC?

Hey guys, I was in study hall the other day and I decided to hop onto a PC. I was aimlessy browsing the web when I thought about putting an old linux distro on my pentium 133. I looked up slackware and downloaded slackware 4.0. There's even a dos emulator for it so I can run my old PC games (well, …

Building a 486DX2 soon!

hi all, I started ordering off of ebay a few days ago. I snagged a copy of Daggerfall with the back art for $12 (including shipping). I also got an "as-is" socket 3 ISA mobo (SIS 85c471 chipset) and a Cirrus logic VESA VGA card. The VGA card isn't too fancy but It's better than my old WDC ISA VGA …

Re: Problems running TES games under win 98

I tried in dos mode w/ all drivers loaded. Same deal w/ Arena, have not tested daggerfall. One other thing I noticed with daggerfall is it will give me random errors sometimes (in the middle of gameplay). But my copy of DF came in the mail today so I'll be testing it out! 😊

Problems running TES games under win 98

Hey all, I booted up my pentium 133 today in hopes of playing some TES Arena. However, when I started a new game I got to where you get the key to open your cell, and it freezes. I can do CTRL-ALT-DEL but after a few seconds it freezes windows. So I have to press the reset switch on the pc. It also …

Computer audio setup?

CAM00029.jpg hey guys, Do you use just plain speakers with your PC's or do you have a more complex setup? I just put up a Pioneer SX-311R receiver under my (trash rescued) 22 inch monitor. It sounds great for playing MP3's and other audio files. Sure beats the monitor's built-in speakers! So what's …

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