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Re: IBM PS/1 Audio Card.

Oh Sorry, i had to give the card back i just borrowed it for some time to make some investigations and maybe make some efforts to add ps/1 function to tandy card. But i`m limited in time, so i did not so much retro progress.. 🙁

Re: Covox and Disney Sound Source from ESP32

Another quite new discovery for me was that apparently ESP32 is 5V tolerant. And actually LPT doesn't give 5V signals but little under 5V. So I soldered dupont cables to LPT-connector and connected them directly to ESP32 pinheader. For straighforward audio output I2S DAC is easiest. some later …

Re: Toshiba T1800 386 Laptop

I've got that laptop. The HDD is just stuck in some way. Disassemble it and move the platters ans it might come back to life ! (I've fixed 2 Conner HDDs if that kind that way and now they're perfectly fine :) ). I as also remember having to unscrew the heads and screw them back on attend least one …

Re: Problem with Voodoo2 SLI in MPS system

At least its worth to try it, it provides additional 2 3,3V Power Lines and one 5V Power Line. The Voodoo 2 should only use 5V from Slot as far as i know. It has own Voltage Regulator onboard. What PSU do you use ? If its a modern PSU it likley has not enough Amps on 5V.

Re: Made in USA 486

How you know the cpu was made in USA ? Maybe it’s also produced in Malaysia or Italy or maybe in Arizona ? Cyrix was a fabless company and CPUs where produced by a variety of company’s from Sgs Thomson to TSMC Is there any indicator which fab made this IC?

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