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Re: 3dfx glide msdos drivers needed

in DOS
There are no MS-DOS 3dfx drivers. If you have the card, use the 3dfx executable. DOS games supporting 3dfx come with separate executable to use the card. If having a Voodoo2 card, you need to add some lines in the autoexec file. And finally, this thread is not for dosbox, but real DOS platform.

Re: Utilities under FreeDOS

in DOS
Thanks for advices. Now I know that I should stick to 'real' implementations. Do you know any place I can download MS/PC/DR-DOS and/or WfW 3.11 and/or Norton Utilities? It's very much readily available online. A simple Google search can take you there. If you still need help, you can send a PM. For …

Re: Can't Create Partitions after DOS install

in DOS
I believe Smart Boot Manager has the option to enable the interrupt 13h to enable the full size of the hdd. You need to install it as the boot manager in that system, where it resides in the MBR and takes care of allowing resources to the OS. One of the links to SBM

Re: 86box and video cards

in PC Emulation
I either narrow down to the SVGA Virge, TVGA 8900D or ET4000 "card" in 86Box. For me, I just require 640x480x256c in Win3.x for the games I want to play, and most do require or play best at this setting, and these cards run them without problems.

Re: Windows 3.1 will turn 30 soon

in Milliways
Windows 3.x will always be remembered fondly, for me. There's something about it that makes me feel warm and fuzzy over it. Maybe it's the GUI during the time when DOS was the king. Maybe the so called "multimedia" explosion that started with 3.1 - CD-ROMS with movies, graphics, texts and audio, …

Re: Mobygames site very slow?

in Milliways
Just noticed that some sites, including Mobygames, pass through maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com, which is being blocked here by the Multimedia Commission, why, I don't know. All the sites that pass through that site have problems loading. Any way I can bypass this block? Woops. My DNS servers were still …

Re: Happy Birthday, 80286!

in Milliways
I am proud to have been an owner (actually bought for me by my father) of the 286 back then. (It was 1991 IINM, or was it 1990?.....hmmm...) I got it late at the end of the 286 era with 386s just starting to appear. I remember it had the numerical LED alternating between 12 and 20, when Turbo off …

Mobygames site very slow?

in Milliways
Is it just my side or something happened to Mobygames website? It takes too long to load anything, and even if it did load, the loading is not complete and the text alignment is not correct. Is it just from my side or the Mobygames server? Been noticing this for the past few weeks. Not that I go …

Looking for Microprose's Harrier Jump Jet manual in PDF format.

in Milliways
I have the boxed game with the paper manual but I couldn't find the PDF manual online for my e-book game manuals library. I don't have the means or the proper equipment to make a PDF version of the manual. Any information regarding the availability of this PDF will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Re: The dark side of playing computer games?

in Milliways
Too much of anything is good for nothing, as the saying goes. Saying that, I learnt a lot from computer games - language, vocabulary and general knowledge. As an example, I learnt what "rubble" means from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. (FYI, English is not my primary language.) I guess it's …

Looking for Starblade (by Silmarils) English game manual PDF.

in Milliways
Hi, I'm looking for an obscure game manual for which I cannot find the English version. There's one in Amiga Hall of Light database but that's in French. Anyone managed to obtain the english copy of this game? Or does anyone have a scanned copy of the same? Thanks for any help. (I'm now collecting …

Re: IDE CD-ROM driver on a IBM PC AT 80286?

in PC Emulation
Okay. I get it. I'm silent now. However, I still don't understand that atmosphere. Years ago, people at Vogons usually would have had replied with "thanks for the tip", "interesting idea" etc.. To my defense, I merely came here to help. I haven't posted at Vogons for a longer time, also. Never mind …

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