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Fade to Black Cutscenes Issue

I'm trying to run the game Fade to Black on my Windows 95 Pentium MMX machine (in MS-DOS mode) and the game runs perfectly even at 640x400 except for one problem. In the cutscenes the voices all sound very crackly/staticky (not the music for some reason, guess they're different sources) and I think …

Re: DOS drivers, .sys vs executable

SYS drivers occupy slightly less RAM, because there's no Program Segment Prefix. But COM/EXE drivers can be loaded at any time, and occupy no RAM until loaded... There's actually a PC-98 DOS program called ADDDEV that allows you to load .SYS drivers at any time. It also bundled a program called …

Re: PC games on consoles

One that sticks out for me would be Atlantis: The Lost Tales from 1997 by Cryo. In 1998 it got ports to the Sega Saturn and PS1, and neither of them are nearly as good as the Windows/DOS PC original. First link is the Saturn version and the second is the PS1 version. In both, the visuals are much …

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