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Re: USB Mouse windows 95

A couple of months back I tried to get any USB mice to work on my W95 machine with no luck. Even tried several mice with several PS2 adapters and in the end I just went back (or forward) to W98. I did find some 3'rd party USB drivers that were supposed to fix it but that didn't work either. My USB …

Re: Pentium 3 cooler

Well this machine was previously a Voodoo 1 build, was fun to mess around with for a few weeks, however it just couldn't run games at a steady framarate when it came to stuff that came out after 1997. I figure this will keep me entertained for a month or so and I'll see where I can go from there. On …

Re: Pentium 3 cooler

Well, it doesn't look too elegant, but it works! Time to switch out the the old PII 300. Thanks for the help. Filename CAM00125.jpg File size 1.42 MiB Views 826 views File comment Wiring done Filename CAM00126.jpg File size 2.4 MiB Views 826 views File comment Old CPU Filename CAM00127.jpg File …

Re: Pentium 3 cooler

TandySensation wrote: . I see. Well, I do have some extra 3 pin cables laying around, might as well "sculpt" one to fit on this thing (don't want to solder directly to the cooler, the pins seem to align just fine), solder another female port on the other end and just plug it in like a regular …

Pentium 3 cooler

Hey everyone, For a couple of weeks now I've been looking to finish my Voodoo 2 SLI rig. Just got a 550MHz P3 "katmai", but ran into a slight problem, which are the fan pins. Anyone have any idea what sort of wires are used here? The regular 3-pin fan connector doesn't seem to fit here.

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