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Re: Basic GLSL shader support (prototype)

Envy Windows users and their ability to use xBR shaders no longer. I've converted two xBR shaders to use with this patch. You can find them in the attached zip file. SABR 3.0 Screenshot Joshua Street's SABR shader. Forked from 5xBR 3.7c and currently on version 3.0. Incidentally, the only pixel- …

Re: Soundfont recommendation thread

in Milliways
The Best Soundfont is Arachno This bank includes many famous sounds from the best synthesizers by Roland (D-50, Sound Canvas...), Korg (M1, X5...), Yamaha (MU, Clavinova...), Fairlight (CMI), E-MU (Emulator), Ensoniq, and many others. I tried Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers with the Arachno …

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