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Re: scratchy sound in Crusader No Remorse

Thanks for the input :) It sounds like I just forgot about the hissiness. It's not intense and overwhelming, just like a layer of sibilance on top of the mix. it's most annoying when trying to listen to people talk. I suppose if there's nothing to be done, i'll just EQ it a little bit and hope that …

scratchy sound in Crusader No Remorse

Just did a new install of crusader through DOSBOX on my win7 machine, and the sound is very scratchy/sibilant. I tried both GUS with the proper install folder, SoundBlaster 16 and 32AWE. My CD-Rom version is a late 1997 reissue of the game with all the EA origin patches already applied. (thus native …

Re: Fallout DOS Version Sound Card Support

in DOS
Don't use the DOS version of Fallout. http://www.nma-fallout.com/showthread.php?194562-Fallout-Fixt-alpha-7-1-April-4th-2015 If you don't want anything additional at least download the listed patches and install those. I am trying to play Fallout in a Linux environment. I don't think I can play the …

Re: Fallout DOS Version Sound Card Support

in DOS
I finally got around to obtaining a copy of Spycraft. Using the HMIDET.386 and HMIDRV.386 from that game allow Fallout to work with a true Sound Blaster Pro (1.0). It may not be quite as clear as a Sound Blaster 16, and may be a bit choppy at times, but it should work. I have attached the files …

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