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Re: Vogons IRC?

in Milliways
IRC. Lovely golden years.. I was an Administrator on several famous local/global IRC servers for long time during 90's. If that great community needs an IRC place, well for either technical-chit-chat or laiding-back, rest&chat purposes (well, if you got time for that tho :P) I'd love to setup an IRC …

Re: Zotac's GT220 driver for Win2k?

I have no experience with either option I'm suggesting but: 1) Looks like there are some modified Nvidia drivers which *may* work: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1114373.html (Some versions require KernelEx patched OS) I'd atleast try this - http://w2k.flxsrv.org/cgi-bin/dl.cgi?file= …

Zotac's GT220 driver for Win2k?

Dear friends, I'm looking for Zotac's GT220 PCI VGA (1GB) drivers for Win2k Professional. I'm sick and tired of looking for that. Does anyone has any idea/link regarding the topic? Card: https://www.zotac.com/lk/product/graphics_card/gt220 Many thanks in advance!

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