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Re: Windows XP: audio delay on MS-DOS 3D games

in Windows
You may try changing some settings in vdms.ini and find a sweet spot between sound being choppy and having too much of a delay. But, there are better ways of running these games nowadays, like DOSBox and Windows ports of the games.

Re: Another question about Windows XP videocard

in Windows
Windows 7's WDDM 1.1 driver model added things back from the XP days, namely 2D GDI acceleration. Yeah, but… overall Windows 7's performance was similar to Vista's on the same hardware. It's the people's PCs that got more RAM in the meantime, making the upgrade from XP feasible. Very high RAM usage …

Re: Windows XP: is there a True Ms-dos patch?

in Windows
I mean the sound effects make the game slow. If i choose Speaker, instead Sound Blaster, these delay don't happens. Do i need edit config.nt or autoexec.nt for get more memory or something? What is your CPU? I've been using vdmsound on a Pentium 4 with quite good results, although some tweaking of …

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