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Re: Nvidia adaptergate

in Milliways
only way forward is to increase TDP We've seen that several times already. Very hot, power hungry designs, only to be made obsolete several years later because the next gen is so much more energy efficient. It's always been a case of "we cannot make it any faster because [some limitation of current …

Re: AT keyboard behaviour with numlock LED?

I don't know all the details. However, this paper by Microsoft gives explicit scancode sequences for at least some of those special cases: https://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/1/161ba512-40e2-4cc9-843a-923143f3456c/scancode.doc No special treatment given to Scroll Lock, which probably means …

Re: AT keyboard behaviour with numlock LED?

And an AT keyboard image for reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_M_keyboard#/media/File:IBM_Model_M.png That is not the original AT keyboard layout. This is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_F_keyboard#/media/File:AT_keyboard_original_layout.png As you can see, there's no separate …

Re: Check out this remix of CANYON.MID

in Windows
clippy is the homie I always preferred the smiley red ball, whatever its name was. It's weird to associate CANYON.MID with Windows 95 - it was already there in Windows 3.1, perhaps even in 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions? :P There are several versions of canyon.mid, the one in Windows 95 sounds a …

Re: HDD Led activity on DOS

in DOS
Is the LED constantly lit without any pulsing (which may indicate electric problem) or flashing rapidly, which suggests HDD activity? > Only pure 7.1 DOS from Windows 98. Maybe SmartDrive is emebeded in DOS7? No it's not.

Re: Low level AWE32 drivers - needed?

I have created a mutli-config.sys with various options such as "full AWE32" and "basic AWE32" which determine whether or not ctsb16.sys, ctmmsys.sys, and csp.sys are loaded All you really need is ctcm and aweutil (probably aweutil /s if you don't need General MIDI compatibility). With aweutil /s …

Re: 15 FPS Doom 2 with Pentium MMX 200

in DOS
Garrett W wrote on 2022-10-13, 07:56: not to mention 486 systems regularly came with VLB slots My first ever PC was a 486 with PCI Cirrus Logic graphics card, and I had no idea what VLB is until much later. Were 486 PCI motherboards so unusual though?

Re: MS Cabinet files under MS-DOS

in DOS
So, I manage to use HIMEM AND EMM386, but, I must compress some drivers files to increase my floppy disk space. You mean, even after compressing everything you don't need in your config.sys, you still cannot fit on a floppy? In such case consider switching to a bootable CD. It emulates a floppy and …

Re: Need for speed 2 SE shaky cockpit

in Windows
You are correct. I was just looking at fast speed, and didn't notice that shake while turning. Let me try turning in Windows 98. Who knows, it might just have been an original game bug that nobody noticed, let ne see... The excessive shaking also happens to the car itself when in outside view. So …

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