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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Texas Instruments TravelMate 4000M laptop from around 1994-1995 - Intel 486DX4 100MHz - MediaVision Jazz16 16-bit sound card w/ OPL3, SB Pro emulation, MIDI out (tiny connector) and built-in speaker - 2x PCMCIA slots driven by a Cirrus Logic PD6720 chip - Active matrix 640x480 64K 10.4" screen - …

Re: My new Libretto 70CT

Regarding the screen: The machine seems to be limited to a palette of 222K colors. The weird image you get is because of a technique callerd 'dithering'. To make it non-dithered, set it to 222K colors in the BIOS (hold ESC while rebooting to enter BIOS) and use 256 colors in Windows. This is a sad …

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