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Re: What Piece of PC Hardware Have You Owned Longest

SoundBlaster 16 ASP CT2230 It's the only remaining piece of the very first PC that I hand-built for myself: an AMD 486/DX4-120. Sadly, the rest of that PC is long gone. However, I still use it in a P200 MMX system . That would have been about 1995 then? My first hand-built system was the same spec. …

What Piece of PC Hardware Have You Owned Longest

I.e. NOT the oldest item you own. I couldn't work this one out at first. My first PC got binned without my consent, I sold my first sound card (an Adlib) when I upgraded to an AWE32 but I think this must be the thing I have had the longest: http://i858.photobucket.com/albums/ab148/citydrone/Mobile% …

Re: The Nostalgia Bug

I became a computer science teacher last year and, in the process, realised how shallow my knowledge of computers was. I had no idea about the electronics behind it all, the fetch-decode-execute cycle, what cache RAM does, the difference between the various buses and CPU generations etc. And now I …

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