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Re: Guess the game!!

RadioPoultry wrote: Might and Magic VII? I've not played that series, but I have played Heroes of Might and Magic 1 a little, and some of the elements looked familiar. Some searching gave me that answer. CORRECT! It's one on the loading screens from MM7, an awesome game you should all go and play …

Re: Guess the game!!

Hooray! OK, new screenshot time. I just finished playing this one, do you know what it is? Filename no.hints.in.the.filename.jpg File size 88.23 KiB Views 1151 views

Re: Bought these games today

Picked up these games this week, all still factory sealed. Rack 'em is a particular favourite of mine I used to play back in the 90s. A sealed Apogee game is not to bad either. 😊 Filename sealed.jpg File size 138.66 KiB Views 1148 views

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