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Re: MiniGL Specification

in Windows
On the other hand, such a "minigl" standard came into being in the form of OpenGL ES 1.0 specification, but that was much later (2003) and targeted mainly for mobile devices.. Thanks for the info. Just checked. It's mind-boggling to think that everything took so long. It took long on a PC to reach …

Re: Indexing names of local files and folders

in Windows
For powershell you can use the relative path parameter Copy code to clipboard 1 Resolve-Path -Relative Not possible for doing this with a dir command afaik, so you would need to write a batch script which removes that portion of the filepath from your results to make it relative.

Re: The frustrations of the GPU market

It has happened twice before, 2018 and 2014 for lesser degree. Bitcoin has had earlier runs but miners weren't yet really a thing. Cryptos increase insane amounts in value every 4 or so years, bubble bursts and then drop from their highs during the next ~9 months. That's when the miners sell their …

Re: Free to any home (I Need Space!)

cyclone3d wrote on 2022-01-09, 00:04: If I was on your side of the pond, I would pick those up in a heartbeat. Shame over seas postage for weighty items is so much. That, and being raped by customs charges... otherwise I would happily send them to you 😀

Re: Indexing names of local files and folders

in Windows
You can use dir command and pipe the output to a file. Open command prompt, navigate to any dir, then type... dir /b /s > filelist.txt To get a list of all files, dirs and subdirs (and files) in a text file called filelist.txt. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/ …

Free to any home (I Need Space!)

Due to family and other excursions, need to jettison some stuff and no longer have space for these old programming/computer books (Win311/Win9x/Win2k/VB/OpenGL/C#/AutoCAD ARX). Haven't got the heart to throw them out so they are free to anyone who wants them. In Sedgemoor/Somerset (South-West UK) if …

Re: PCem v17

That sounds like a compiler problem. I haven't tried building PCem for Linux but what if you built it with -O2 instead of -O3? Or with Clang instead of GCC? Good idea! With -O2 the crash happened immediately after clicking the "Load" button to start the OS. -O1 seems to be working, no crash. My GCC …

Re: SGI/Intergraph Zx10 Project

MIPS still had some merit for a few years. Mainly in the SMP Cluster/Server market with Onyx350, Onyx4 (beast) and in the workstation market Tezro. The single CPU Fuel and Octane were starting to show their age by this point I think though. Irix felt dated comapred to Windows. The only true x86 SGI …

Re: SGI/Intergraph Zx10 Project

Screenshot_20211121-121159_Gumtree.jpg Nice case, didn't realise these were marketed as 'Visual Workstation'. Is screen shot 3 displayed as part of the BIOS? Since you have a window there, why not get a replacement unsheathed Wildcat, so perhaps not a realizm, but any of those Wildcats (42XX, 51XX, …

Re: Bum Simulator

I worked with a guy who was homeless for years. He is a good guy and one of the most heard-working people I've ever met. Trust me, homelessness can happen to anyone, given enough bad luck. yes, the journey from here to there is shorter and sharper than most of us imagine about the game, i'm sure i …

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