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Windows 10 + no internet???

in Milliways
I keep going back and forth on building a modern pc but the problem is there is no fast internet in my remote spot in Alabama. Can get satellite-type but the lack of speed not worth paying for. So can I still build a modern rig and maybe once a week lug it to work to download any updates? Will …

Quake 2 or Quake 3 arena?

in Windows
I've been messing around with Q3 Arena and it's not quite what I expected in terms of a 1st person shooter. Is Quake 2 any better in that regard? Don't have a lot of experience with this type stuff, looking for something spooky and scary, going down dark tunnels/corridors and the like with decent …

Geforce upgrade?

Currently running a Geforce3 Ti200 128MB with a P3 450 win98SE system. Would a Geforce4 4200-4800 make that much of a difference? Most of the games I'm running are from 2001-2003 era (Return to Castle Wolfenstein being the most demanding). I'm new at this therefore don't know if it's worth the …

Upgrade P3 or not?

Currently I have a slot 1 system made up of the following: 450mhz. P3 384mb ram Geforce3 Ti200 128mb 40GB HD SB Live 5.1 My question is will it make much of a difference performance wise getting a slot 1 850mhz. or a 1ghz. slot 370 setup for high end win98 games? Would it make more sense to just …

Re: High end win98 rig

Regarding Star Wars Battlefront, meant the 1st one that came out 2004 or thereabouts. Need an i5/7 rig for the new iteration. That's the thing on retro computing, so many ways to "skin a cat". Probably going to look for a 370 or a low end 478 set up with a 5xxx series Geforce. The sound card issue I …

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