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Rogue Squadron 3D camera glitch

in Windows
Running Rogue on a P3 450 and Geforce3 Ti 200 Win98SE. The camera keeps getting left behind when accelerating and sometimes the game doesn't play smoothly/gets the jitters. I know hitting F1 can temporarily fix the camera but wonder if downgrading my hardware would help. Thinking about replacing the …

Quake 2 video glitch

in Windows
Playing Quake2 for the 1st time on my win98 rig and on resolutions greater than 800x600 keep getting patterns of red dots on the screen. Maybe that's as high as it can go - using a Geforce3 Ti 200 & opengl mode not 3dfx. Anyone know if the 3.20 patch fixes this or another solution?

Submarine sims anyone?

in Windows
I'm looking to try out some "sub sims" and was hoping to get some recommendations. Will be running on WinXp or Win98 - say 2001-2008 for when the game came out. So far the Silent Hunter series is all I've come across and don't know much about it either.

GLquake & Geforce3

I wanted to get Quake 1 running on my Win98 rig with higher than the default resolution. Here's my specs: P3 450mhz. 384 mb ram AGP Geforce3 Ti 200 128mb Win98SE So far what I've done is get the GOG quake for my XP rig but was unsuccessful in getting it to run at better than 640 x 480. My plan now …

Quake GOG trials

in Windows
Bought Quake GOG (never played Quake) to try on my new XP rig and for reason can't seem to adjust the resolution past the default 640 x 480. Went to the GOG forums and tried different ideas - using Nglide tool, set win95 compatibility, adding different parameters to the launch command line all to no …

WinXP SP3 necessary???

in Windows
Just put Windows XP SP2 on a new system and all is running fine so far. Do I need SP3 if I'm just playing games? Won't be getting online so security updates won't be needed - I think. Any thoughts anyone?

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