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Re: OS X: Toolchain & frame rate

Jeez, how often do they change this? I have no experience with post-El-Capitan yet, but given this constant change without anything really working for more than a year or two makes it not surprising that macOS absolutely sucks as a gaming platform. It seems as if they have given up on it entirely …

Re: OS X: Toolchain & frame rate

An update after a long time: It seems that I have mixed up my observed results, and the reality is that the rate limiting behavior exists for both builds with "surface". Only "opengl" is affected by the build toolchain. And as I've just verified, only the default setting seems to be affected. The …

Re: Dosbox vs Qemu+Freedos

Because with KVM, it’s the hardware doing its job at full speed. DOSBox does not use hardware virtualization for many (good) reasons. - It can run in a virtualized guest OS - It can run on non-Intel systems - It can probably provide a better debugging environment (?)

Re: OS X: Toolchain & frame rate

Well I was not aware that there were several "0.74" releases ;). I took r3609 from the svn repository. I built both unmodified and with the pinhack patch from the referenced thread. The patch itself does not make a difference regarding the frame rate difference. The clang build of 0.74 required two …

OS X: Toolchain & frame rate

Because of http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=12424 I started playing around with Pinball Fantasies and noticed that it was quite unplayable on OS X (10.11) because of unpredictable slowdowns and sound stuttering. After a while I noticed that the official 0.74 release build does not exhibit …

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