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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

When I tested v14 of the patch yesterday – using the svn revision it was published against (r4294), I created a one-track cue file with one Opus track and used SJGPlay to play it. Interestingly, the player would show 2 tracks in the v14 version, with track 2 producing errors when trying to play it. …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Hello there! Did anyone ever get around to creating a DIFF file for an updated version of krcroft's audio patch for current DOSBox SVN? It'd be great to have an updated standalone patch for that if there's one available. What do you want exactly? v13 of the cdda patch was made against svn (r4267). …

Re: General MIDI at emulator level

If the game can output Adlib music, you mean? This would require mapping FM parameters back to MIDI instruments somehow. Are there software libraries doing this? I guess it would require a large database of settings encountered in the wild.

Re: Dosbox SVN r4019 + savestates Build (Alpha)

Fairly mechanical update of the mentioned patch to current SVN. Only build-tested (on Linux). Specifically I did not check if additional machine state items were added that would also require saving and restoring. EDIT: Also pushed here because all this shuffling of huge subversion diffs is really …

Re: How to view my old icq chat databases

Unfortunately both didn't work, I tried the registry key and added in my own uin and didn't work, owners I assume is your username? No, "owners" is supposed to be as it is. My user number is 75556260, the user name "Ringding", and also the first entry in the file ("LastOwner") contains the uin in …

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