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ABIT BX-6 won't POST

Hello, yes, it's me again. So I have this BX-6, which I covet for its 440BX chipset, as you all likely know. I recently moved it to a new case, but then it kept freezing on the memory check at boot. Turns out it was a modem card that I was just using to fill an empty slot, so I took it out. Now I …

Re: Intel vs AMD?

Which chipset does the Athlon have? On paper the KX133 was faster, but had lots of issues, where the AMD750 Irongate was the BX of the Athlon world - RAM at same clock as CPU, but solid, particularly with AMD southbridge (although AMD751+Via 686B was also quite common and worked, albeit with same …

Intel vs AMD?

I'm sure this has been done to death before but I couldn't see anything obvious. I have acquired an AMD Athlon 500MHz alongside my slightly crusty Pentium III 450MHz. By slightly crusty, the ABIT BX-6 motherboard of the P3 has some rust in its ports, making connecting the mouse and keyboard a bit of …

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