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Garbled screen but not at the init nor in the BIOS

Hi got the strangest issue with a GD610/620 based ISA video card (Stingray Rev4+, more info on it ) on a 486 system. The video is ok in the embedded monochrome LCD (dedicated connector on the card) but as soon as the POST is finished and then the screen change (to show the HDD booting or in my case …

Re: What's this card

Thanks predator99, indeed it seems to be the same card if not for the RAMDAC. We also share the same DIPSW settings I see. In the meantime thanks to the help of incanus I was able to confirm that my card was OK by switching via software to the external display. Here's his post with the needed …

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

I can't thank you enough incanus, your version of eagle is a bit older than the one on Vogons drivers (4.01 vs 5.03) and thanks to it I've been able to run it and switch to my external display thus confirming that my card was OK !! I took the liberty to post these utilities on the dedicated topic in …

Re: What's this card

Yeah I think a more appropriate term would be lunchbox PC as it designates this exact form factor. Dolch clone was the word on top of my head when I wrote this first post. Thanks anyway for your help into seeing if you've got the same card ! Any tips is much appreciated and helps a long way !

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

Vogons is amazing, I've got the very same card as you InbetweenDays (down to the 2.2 BIOS version) but albeit in the working state in a 486 lunchbox machine ! I'll dump the BIOS as soon as I can find my TL866 :) My problem is making it display anything on an external VGA monitor (no signal with my …

Re: What's this card

I finaly found someone with the same card and the very same bios (Stingray rev4+, VGA BIOS version 2.2) here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=857850 I'm goind to dump the BIOS of mine to help him. Sadly given that it's a 2.2 BIOS the eagle utility isn't working ("Video BIOS Version 3.0 or …

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