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Re: Pure DOS rig people, want to test this thing I wrote?

in Milliways
Updatey updatey, I tested the above executable in 86Box with a 386SX/33 CPU, and lo and behold it works! Not a perfect indicator of whether it would work in the real world though. Interestingly, I had to disable HIMEM in CONFIG.SYS for it to work; otherwise it returned a page fault. Not sure why …

Re: Resound OPL3 AdLib sound card just released

Which is also an awesome source for fraud ... considering the last AdLib I've seen on eBay sold for 451€ Wow I didn't know they went for that much now...I got one boxed for $50 about 12 years ago. I partly agree. When the creator first posted about these at VCF I questioned the need for it to be an …

Re: When will Microsoft finally die?

in Milliways
Apple has eaten Linux's lunch. It's a huge company now, bigger than Microsoft and IBM put together. It's success is fragile however, and could disappear overnight if something "cooler" comes along. Nobody needs iMacs and iPhones and iPads like they do Windows and IBM mainframes. bahahaha what? What …

Re: MDA/CGA/EGA to VGA Converter Released!

I've been also meaning to ask about Jepael's pulldown resistors on the EGA port , is adding them an extra layer of protection for the EGA card? If one adds them then a new FW is needed to compensate for them? Even with the existing boards adding pulldown resistors on the DB9 port is easy if one …

Re: MDA/CGA/EGA to VGA Converter Released!

Bright yellow is actually supposed to be slightly "washed out" like the rest of the bright colors. You can see this in keropi's VGA screen shot and also if you look at the RGB values for the CGA/EGA palette . Pure yellow would be FFFF00, but it's FFFF55. VGA: http://i.imgur.com/bGE1NwYl.jpg …

Re: Why the heck is my wi-fi so slow?

in Milliways
Yep. If you are moving lots of data, wired is the way to go. You don't need to run cables across the floor to your router. Just connect the two computers together and give them static IPs. That said, a sucky router is going to give you sucky wifi speeds. So if you found it in a dumpster, it was …

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