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Re: CL-GD5401-42QC-Bvs TVGA-9000B ISA

If you insist on an ISA card, between those two the GD5401 would be my choice. However, I'd be looking for an ET4000AX or a later Cirrus card. On a DX/33 that might not be too far off, just a little slow. On a DX4, you'll definitely notice the difference between ISA and VLB or PCI.

Re: Getting around that soundcard mess

Yeah, I found them, just separately. They actually might ship with 4.52, true - didn't check that. In the original spirit of the thread, however - can folks think of specific games for which something other than an SB Pro (or ESS/YMF/etc) is the optimal choice, where you really want a PAS, or GUS, …

Re: Getting around that soundcard mess

Yeah, like with so many things, if there were one clear "always best" option, there would have been consensus long ago. For me, it's a tossup between ESS1868/1869 and AWE32/AWE64 - basically, ESS for anything that wants to do FM music (yes, I know, ESFM is not OPL, but IMHO it sounds as good or …

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