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Re: Patching old DOS game to make it work on faster computers

in DOS
But wouldn't there be screen tearing when the screen scrolls because 18.2Hz is not an even multiple of 60Hz or 70Hz? 8253 use 1193182 Hz as base clock. 18.2 Hz is just minimal possible frequency with 16 bit divider: 1193182 / 65535 = 18.2. U can reprogram channel 0 for any need frequency. 19886 …

Wanted: *.ah includes for compile DOSIDLE

in DOS
Hello to all! :) i want recompile DOSIDLE! but cant do it seven years... On this forum i see, that pm386 do it and release new ver 2.51. i knownt where can find *.ah includes, which req for compile. but as i understand, someone find it files, or reversed it manually. Can i get it includes here, or …

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