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Re: 3dfx Voodoo 2 2455P

Bent pins on Voodoo cards, especially Voodoo2, are very common. No idea why, but I never had any other cards with bent pins - but every second Voodoo card I got so far had at least one. Thinking about it, yeah, I've even had a Voodoo 1 with legs that had been lifted off the PCB ever so slightly. …

Re: Witch ATI card is better ?

i'm confused... is the ATI264VT4 a RAGEIIc ??? That chips is used on Mach64 VT4 PCI cards. They are basically 2D cards with added partial 3D implementations. The Rage I/II cores are partially based on the Mach64 core. The 3D support is much better than Mach64 VT4 but still not ideal. ;-) There are …

Re: 3dfx Voodoo 2 2455P

This is really strange. I suppose the PSU is delivering stable voltages? Do the crashes occur when using a different card for 3D? like the G450? Can you try cooling the card with a fan and see if the games keep crashing? And again, can you please post pictures of your card? Maybe the card is …

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